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What should I do if the sand pump only discharge water but not suction sand?

The sand pump only pumps water, what should I do if I don’t pump sand?

Everflowing pumps technicians give the following answers:

First, it may be that the feed concentration is low. It is necessary to add an auxiliary flushing device to the sand pump, and it is equipped with a high-lift high-pressure water pump to recoil the sand from different angles to increase the sand concentration.

  1. The suction medium contains large particles of pebbles. If the suction pipe of the sand pump is blocked, it will also cause the sand pump to only discharge water but not sand. In this case, you can try to pump sand at another location. If the problem still cannot be solved, you can make the suction nozzle grid larger, or try to remove it directly.
  2. If the above two reasons are eliminated, it is likely that the head of your sand pump is not enough, and the flow rate is not enough when transporting sand. The sand has settled in the pipeline before it reaches the outlet, and only clear water comes out. This situation can be solved by adding a relay pump or replacing the high-lift sand pump.

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