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What is a booster for dredging?

Dredge booster station is additional sand dredge pump used to increase the pipeline discharge pressure, increase the discharge distance or height . The dredge pump has a certain discharge distance or height due to head limitation. If the discharge distance or height exceeds the capacity of the sand pump, it is necessary to add a sand pump as a dredge booster pump station.

When a single dredge pump cannot meet the on-site delivery distance or height requirements, two or more dredge pumps will be connected in series for use.

What the series connection achieves is to increase the head. that is, the outlet pipe of the first pump will be connected to the inlet pipe of the second pump, so that the sand slurry will be under the pressure of the dredge pumps, and finally the sand slurry will be pumped to the designated position.

Precautions when dredge booster pumps work in series.

1.The rated flow rates of the two pumps should preferably be the same or have little difference.

Therefore, it is best to use two pumps with the same performance to work in series.

Avoid overloading or malfunctioning of pumps with smaller capacities, which can become drag.

2.When working in series, the pressure of the subsequent pump is relatively high, so the strength of the pump needs to be considered.

3.When working in series, the inlet pressure of the latter pump is higher.Therefore, when selecting bearings, attention should be paid to the influence of the inlet pressure on the shaft seal of the slurry pump.

4.When starting in series, the outlet valves of the two pumps should be closed first.

Start the front pump first, then open the front outlet valve.Then start the rear pump and slowly open the rear pump outlet valve.

Applications: land reclamation, sand unloading by belt boats for long-distance transportation, sand slurry transportation to high mountains, tailings and tailings discharge

dredge booster pumps in series
dredge booster pumps in series2

dredge booster pump in series

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