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What are the auxiliary equipment for the submersible sand pump?

This article will introduce in detail the supporting equipment of the submersible sand pump in use.

  1. Hose connector for the submersible sand pump: it is made of wear-resistant alloy material, which is convenient for connecting the hose. By default, the submersible sand suction pump does not have a hose connector. The use of matching joints can directly put the hose on the hose joint when the hose has no connector. Very convenient. If the rubber hose used already has a flange, then there is no need for a hose joint, just connect the flange to the flange of the submersible sand pump directly.

submersible sand pump with control cabinet

The sand suction pump on the left in the figure below does not have a hose connector, and the pump on the right is equipped with a hose connector

  1. Submersible sand pump control cabinet: The basic function is to use as a starter cabinet, and secondly, it also has some protection, which can protect the motor when the submersible sand pump fails. The protection functions of the control cabinet: motor overheating, phase loss, water ingress protection, etc. Sometimes it is necessary to provide a control cabinet to avoid damage to the motor in many environments and reduce maintenance costs.
  2. Special rubber hose for submersible sand pump: During the use of the submersible sand pump, the sand pump must go up and down in the water continuously, which requires that the sand pump hose used in conjunction with it should have good toughness and can achieve certain Curved and radian, and because it is for pumping sand, it also has high wear resistance. Our company’s special rubber hose for the submersible sand pump is a thickened nylon cord hose without steel wire, which can be folded in half at 180 degrees. The wear resistance is also quite good, and the service life is far longer than ordinary hoses on the market.
  3. Submersible sand pump conveying pipe: The conveying pipe should be connected to the back of the submersible sand pump rubber hose. To achieve long-distance transportation, if the distance is relatively short, you can use a rubber hose as a delivery tube. If the delivery distance is long, you can consider using ultra-high molecular polyethylene pipe as the delivery tube. This pipe has good wear resistance, 4-7 times more wear-resistant than steel pipe, long service life, light weight, convenient maintenance, small resistance, small pipe loss, stable performance, and can be used at temperatures from -269°C to 80°C for a long time work. Disadvantages Cost slightly higher than executives or other plastic pipes.
  4. Plastic floating body: If the transportation pipeline is floating on the water surface, plastic floating body is required, which is mainly used for the sand transportation pipeline laid on the floating water surface.
  5. Supporting platform for submersible sand pump: In some environments, a sand pump platform is required for sand pumping. The supporting platform produced by our company for the submersible sand pump can be selected. The platform is equipped with brackets and electric winches. It can realize the lifting operation of the submersible sand pump. The movement of the sand pump can also be realized through the continuous movement of the platform. It is convenient to pump sand at different sand pumping locations. The platform length can be designed according to the environment.

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