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What are floating dredges?

The floating dredge is also called the floating dredge pump dredger.

The dredge pump is submersible dredge pump.

The submersible dredge pump is installed on the floating pontoon, and the lifting of the pump is controlled by the lifting winch, and the winch on the platform moves the platform. Submersible dredging pumps can be electric, driven by industrial electricity power or generator, or hydraulic dredging pumps, driven by hydraulic motors and hydraulic power stations

The floating dredge is designed to operate on the water’s surface while performing its dredging tasks. It typically consists of the following components:

  1. Dredging pontoon: The main body of the floating dredge, which provides buoyancy and stability on the water. The hull may vary in size and shape depending on the dredging requirements.
  2. Dredging pump: Various types of dredging pump are mounted on the floating dredge to remove sediments and materials from the water bottom.
floating dredge pump
floating dredge pump2

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