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Submersible sand pump river sand pumping common problems and solutions

The submersible sand pump has the advantages of convenient operation and low cost, and is a pump type most used for river sand pumping. This article makes a brief introduction to some common problems and precautions encountered in the use of submersible sand pumps in river sand pumping, hoping to be helpful to you.

1) River channel with thick sand layer. During the use of the submersible sand pump, it must not be pumped too deep at the same place at one time. Otherwise, it will easily cause the sand layer to collapse suddenly and bury the submersible sand pump.

The correct method is:

① Pump 3-5 meters deep and move the floating body before continuing to pump;

② Equip the sand pump with an auxiliary flushing device to increase the area of the sand pumping bunker.

2) The sand in the river channel contains a certain proportion of pebbles. These pebbles are easily adsorbed to the filter screen of the sand pump, which affects the sand on the water of the sand pump. If it is not cleaned in time, it will cause a significant decrease in the water supply of the sand pump, and even cause blockage of the pipeline. Correct method: When the flow rate drops, stop the machine in time to clean up the stones on the filter.

3) The sand layer of the site is hard, and the sand layer collapses slowly or not in time. In this environment, the sand pump will only discharge water but not sand or the amount of sand will be inconsistent. The correct method: the bunker can be properly pumped deeper, the deeper the bunker, the higher the probability of the sand next to it collapsing. If the sand does not collapse at all, only the sand pump with cutters can be used.

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