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Sand Pump

Sand pump is  centrifugal impurity pump for handling liquid with sand.  It is widely used to suck river sand ,sea sand,ore sand,slurry and other solid. our sand pump is  high efficient,long distance discharge.

Sand pumps are classified by product type: submersible sand pump, hydraulic sand pump, horizontal sand pump, and vertical sand pump. 
According to supporting power, they are divided into: electric sand pump, hydraulic sand pump, and diesel sand pump.

Electric submersible sand pumps are designed to operate underwater and are commonly used in mining and desilting operations. These pumps are typically more efficient than land sand pumps.

Hydraulic submersible sand pump is commonly used in mining and dredging operations.It is driven by by hydraulic motor and capable of handling heavy loads and high flow rates.

Submersible sand pumps with agitators are designed to stir up sediment and sand at the bottom of bodies of water, making it easier to pump out. These pumps are commonly used in dredging and desilting operations.

Sand filters for submersible pumps are designed to prevent debris and particles from entering the pump, reducing the risk of clogs and damage to the pump. These filters are commonly used in conjunction with submersible sand dredging pumps.

In summary, sand pumps are versatile machines used in a variety of industries, including mining, desilting, and dredging. Sand pump manufacturers and suppliers offer a range of options to suit different applications, from dry and wet sand pumps to electric and hydraulic submersible pumps with agitators and filters.

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Electric submersible sand pumps are designed to operate underwater and are commonly used in mining and desilting operations. These pumps are typically more efficient than surface pumps and can handle a wider range of materials.

Horizontal sand pump

Horzontal sand pump for land and ship, high product efficiency, good wear resistance. Widely used in: sand pumping, land reclamation, river dredging,tailings pumping, etc.

What is a sand pump?

A sand pump is a type of pump designed specifically for pumping sand and other abrasive materials. Sand pumps are commonly used in the construction industry, mining industry, and dredging operations.

The design of a sand pump is different from other types of pumps because it must be able to handle highly abrasive materials without being damaged. Sand pumps typically feature wear-resistant materials, such as hardened steel or ceramics, to help prevent damage from the sand and other abrasive materials.

Sand pumps can come in different types, including centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps. Centrifugal sand pumps use a rotating impeller to create a flow of fluid, while positive displacement pumps use a mechanism to displace a fixed amount of fluid with each stroke or rotation. Both types of pumps can be used for pumping sand and other abrasive materials, depending on the specific application.

What is the best pump for pumping sand?

The best type of pump for pumping sand depends on several factors, such as the type of sand, the distance it needs to be pumped, and the volume of sand to be pumped.

In general, centrifugal pumps with high flow rates and low suction pressures are suitable for pumping sand. However, if the sand is coarse and abrasive, a positive displacement pump such as a progressive cavity pump or a diaphragm pump may be more appropriate.

Another important consideration is the pump’s impeller and wear plate material. For sand pumping applications, impellers and wear plates made of materials such as high-chrome iron or ceramic are commonly used to withstand the abrasive nature of the sand.

It’s essential to consult with a pump expert or a manufacturer to select the most appropriate pump for your specific application to ensure efficient and reliable sand pumping.

Corollary equipment and accessories

sand dredger

pipe line

Dredge cutter head

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