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vertical sand pump


PNL vertical sand pump is upgraded and developed by our company on the basis of domestic products.


The improved PNL sand pump has high efficiency, good overflowing condition, abrasion resistance and long service life,


widely applied to cleaning up and filling sludge in lake and river.

The pump can be combined with high-pressure clean water pump to form a hydraulically excavating and filling machine set for dredging and filling operations.

In addition, it can also combined in series with several vertical pumps and a marine-land purpose horizontal sand pump to form an operation group.

Performance Parameter Table

Model Flow Rate㎡/h Pump Lift m Speed
Shaft Power Kw Efficiency % Nominal Power Kw
4PNL-15 150 15 1450 8.5 72 15
6PNL-15 320 15 1450 18.2 72 22
6PNL-18 250 18 1450 18.1 72 22
8PNL-18 360 18 1450 21.8 72 30
8PNl-15 420 15 1450 23.8 72 37

Structural property:

1.The pump consists of a pump body, an impeller, a guard plate, a motor frame, a bearing assembly and other parts
2.The shaft gland of the pump is sealed by rubber framework oil seals.
3. The rotation direction of the pump is anticlockwise judging from the direction of impeller inlet.
4.An associate impeller is adopted to reduce the back pressure of the impeller and prolong the service life of sealing elements.
5.The overflowing part adopts white wear-resistant cast iron to resist abrasion.

Structural drawing

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