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The Advanced Sand Cutter Suction Submersible Dredger


New Generation of Submersible Dredger: The Advanced Sand Cutter Suction Submersible Dredger

The revolutionary submersible dredger, known as the submersible sand pump dredger, has been meticulously crafted with cutting-edge hydrodynamics technology, specifically designed for efficient sand dredging and silt clearing. The Everflowing submersible dredger boasts a uniquely engineered submersible dredge pump, an advanced high-efficiency suction reamer head, and a renowned brand motor. Together, these components seamlessly integrate to achieve a high dredging suction ratio, ensuring thorough dredging and substantial slurry or sand output.

Crafted from high-chromium alloy material, the Everflowing submersible pump exhibits excellent wear-resistance properties and features a large flow passage. This design enables the transportation of medium-sized particles, including mud with significant solid particles, ore pulp, coal pulp, and coarse sand, with diameters of up to 60mm. Moreover, the flexible sensing probe incorporated within the pump provides crucial safeguards such as over-heating protection, water-intake inspection protection, and oil chamber protection. These features guarantee extended and secure pump operation, even in the harshest working conditions.

The submersible dredger by Everflowing showcases a reliable, efficient, and robust design. Its sturdy dredge body construction ensures durability and longevity, while simultaneously reducing costs associated with maintenance and operation. With its user-friendly interface and straightforward maintenance requirements, this submersible dredger stands out as the premier choice for small and medium-scale multifunctional dredging projects.

Moreover, the Everflowing submersible dredger offers versatile power options, including industry electric power, generators, and hydraulic power pack drives. This flexibility allows operators to choose the most suitable power source based on their specific project requirements.

In summary, the new type of submersible dredger represents a significant advancement in the field. Its state-of-the-art features, including optimized hydrodynamics technology, high-performance components, and reliable design, position it as the ideal dredging equipment for small and medium-scale projects.

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