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Submersible dredge pump

A submersible dredge pump is a type of pump that is designed to be submerged underwater to remove sand, silt,sludge, or other sediment from water, such as sea river, lake, pool,or pond. These pumps are typically used in dredging operations, where sediment needs to be removed to maintain a navigable waterway or to create new land.

The submersible dredge pump is a hydraulic machine in which the motor and the pump coaxially submerge into the medium. The pump has high efficiency, strong wear resistance, self-contained stirring, and complete models. It has innovations in hydraulic and structural design. Abrasive high-chromium wear-resistant alloy casting is an ideal equipment for mud pumping, dredging, sand suction, and slag discharge.

The precipitated cinder, slurry, etc. can be stirred into a slurry through the strong stirring with a stirring head, and pumped at the same time, which provides a convenient method for sedimentation cleaning.

Structural features:

1. The overall equipment is simple, no auxiliary stirring device or injection device is needed, the operation is simple, and the overall cost of the unit is reduced.

2. The impeller, mixing impeller, volute, guard plate and other flow parts are made of high hardness and high chromium cast steel through special technology, which is wear-resistant.

3. The flow channel is wide and smooth, and the anti-clogging performance is good.

4. The seal of the pump adopts 3 sets of hard alloy mechanical seals to prevent impurity water from entering the inner cavity of the motor through the sealed oil chamber.

Product advantages

1. The advanced design stirrer stirs up the large-scale substances that are difficult to extract, and at the same time stirs up other solid substances, and the pump is extracted above the solid substances, which can easily extract high-concentration solid substances;
2. High wear resistance: the wear parts are made of high chromium alloy, which has high wear resistance;
3. Self-cleaning function: the rotation of the agitator will drain away the large-scale substances to prevent the filter from clogging;
4. Through capacity of the pump: it can extract solid matter with a diameter of 50mm.

Our company has 5 major advantages

1. Quality Assurance Professional R&D team and perfect management system can ensure the smooth operation of each pump.
2. Material guarantee The pump material is strictly in accordance with customer requirements to meet customer needs.
3. Production technology Precision lathes can ensure the supply of products.
4. Professional quality inspection Before leaving the factory, ensure that each pump has been strictly tested and identified.
5. Perfect after-sales service The high-quality after-sales service team and professional assembly workers can ensure that you can buy and use with confidence.


It can be widely used in chemical industry, mining, thermal power, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, bridge and pile foundation engineering, coal plant, environmental protection and other industries to transport slurry containing abrasive solid particles. Such as pumping iron slag pump skins in iron and steel plants, cleaning mud and sand in sedimentation tanks in factories, panning gold in gold mines, conveying pulp and sand in mineral processing plants, conveying pulp in metallurgical mineral processing plants, hydraulic ash removal in thermal power plants, conveying coal slurry and heavy media in coal washing plants, dredging rivers, River sand dredging, pile foundation engineering, etc.

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