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stainless submersible slurry pump

The stainless steel waste pump uses a three-phase power supply and is made of  stainless steel as a whole. Strong corrosion resistance (PH value 2-13), according to the PH value of the pumping medium, the corresponding stainless steel material is used, and the material is 304, 316, 316L, etc. for users to choose according to their own use environment.


1. All are made of stainless steel to meet the requirements of customers’ special working conditions.

2. The large-channel impeller is adopted, with strong sewage discharge capacity and no blockage.

3. Fluorine rubber seal or hard alloy mechanical seal can be used according to customer requirements.

4. Compact structure, easy to move and easy to install.

5. It can be equipped with electronic control equipment, which can automatically control the leakage, phase loss and overload of the pump.

6. It can be used with automatic coupling device to make installation, lifting, use and maintenance more convenient.

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