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Hydraulic sand pump

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A hydraulic sand pump is a specialized machine used to transport sand and other abrasive materials in industries such as construction, mining, and dredging. It is powered by a hydraulic system, which allows for greater efficiency and reliability compared to other types of pumps.

The hydraulic sand pump typically consists of a pump casing, impeller, suction nozzle, and discharge nozzle.

The wet parts of pump(such as  casing,impeller) are typically made of high-grade steel and designed to withstand the high pressures and abrasive nature of the materials being transported.

The impeller is the rotating component of the pump, designed with specially angled blades to create the necessary suction and pressure to move the sand and other materials through the system.

The suction nozzle is typically designed with a wide opening to allow for maximum flow of materials into the pump, while the discharge nozzle is often equipped with a valve to regulate the flow of material out of the pump.


 high efficiency and reliability

minimal downtime

low maintenance requirements,

Without requiring frequent repairs or replacement of components.

hydraulic sand pump is an essential tool for dredging industries that rely on the transportation of sand and other abrasive materials, providing a reliable and efficient means of moving these materials with minimal downtime and maintenance requirements.

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utters power 4kw,5.5kw,7.5kw,11kw,15kw,22kw      Jet water need water pump to supply water

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