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Horizontal centrifugal diesel sand pump

Sand suction pump for land and ship, high product efficiency, good wear resistance. Widely used in: rivers, lakes and sea sand pumping, reservoir sand pumping ore sand pumping, land reclamation, sand blowing and sea reclamation, river dredging, dredging and embankment consolidation, sand pumping for iron ore separation, tailings pumping, etc.

PN series sand pump is designed according to the two-phase flow theory. It has the characteristics of high hydraulic efficiency and good wear resistance. It has stable performance when transporting media containing solid particles. It is suitable for sand pumping in rivers, lakes and seas, sand blowing and reclamation, and river dredging. , Dredging and embankment consolidation, sand pumping for iron ore separation, tailings pumping, coal mines, power plants and mines and other enterprises transporting media containing solid particles, etc. It is widely used for long-distance transportation of sand by sand pumping ship, sand loading ship and land relay. The concentration of the conveying medium can reach up to 50%, and the particle size of the conveying medium can reach 80mm.

Product features and advantages:

1. The pump is mainly composed of pump casing, impeller, liner, shaft, shaft seal, bracket, bearing body, base and other parts. The pump casing, impeller and liner are made of gray cast iron, cast steel and wear-resistant alloy, the shaft is made of high-quality carbon steel, and the bracket is made of ordinary cast iron.
2. Single pump casing structure, easy to disassemble and maintain. The auxiliary impeller structure can increase the service life of the packing.
3. The direction of the water outlet can be adjusted every 45°.
4. The impeller channel is wide, which can transport large particle medium, and the transport distance can reach 2000 meters.
5. The arc-shaped auxiliary blades at the rear cover of the impeller create negative pressure during operation to prevent slurry from entering the shaft seal. The gap between the impeller and the guard plate can be adjusted through the adjusting screw on the bearing body to maintain stable performance. The seal adopts packing seal form, which is simple and reliable.
6. When the pump is working, the leak-proof stuffing box of the pump should be protected by special methods. To this end, an auxiliary flushing pump is installed to deliver clean water greater than the mud pressure to the leak-proof stuffing box. All pump types can choose mechanical seal, without flushing pump.
7. Transmission mode of the pump: The pump is connected with the power machine with an elastic cylindrical pin coupling. Seen from the direction of the power machine, the pump shaft rotates clockwise.

The pumps are available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different flow rates and pressure requirements. They can be powered by electric motors, diesel engines, or hydraulic systems. Horizontal sand pumps are designed for high efficiency, durability, and ease of maintenance, making them a reliable choice for handling abrasive materials in demanding environments.

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