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High solids handling pump


A high solids handling pump is specifically designed to handle substances with a high concentration of solids, such as heavy slurry. These pumps are capable of efficiently moving materials that have a high content of solid particles.

High solids handling refers to the pump’s ability to handle substances with a large percentage of solid materials, as opposed to predominantly liquid materials. This is important because traditional pumps may struggle or become clogged when dealing with heavy slurry or high concentrations of solids.

High solids handling pumps are designed with features that enable them to effectively handle such challenging materials. They typically have larger impeller passages or specialized impeller designs to accommodate the passage of solids without clogging. Additionally, they may have wear-resistant materials or coatings to withstand the abrasiveness of the slurry.

These pumps are commonly used in industries such as mining, wastewater treatment, dredging, and construction, where heavy slurry or highly concentrated materials need to be transported efficiently. By utilizing high solids handling pumps, these industries can effectively move and process materials with high solid content, ensuring smooth operations and reducing downtime caused by pump failures or blockages.

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