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Heavy duty submersible slurry pump

Everflowing heavy duty submersible slurry pump are widely used in various applications that involve handling and transporting heavy, solid materials such as slurry, tailings, sand, sludge, and other similar substances. These pumps are known for their reliability, robustness, and durability, making them ideal for challenging environments.

Specific applications:

  1. Mine Tailings: Everflowing pumps are commonly employed in mining operations to handle and transport mine tailings, which are the byproducts of ore processing. The pumps efficiently move the tailings from the processing plant to tailings ponds or storage areas.
  2. Power Plant Ash: Everflowing pumps are used in power plants to handle ash generated from coal combustion or other fuel sources. The pumps are designed to handle the abrasive nature of the ash and transport it for storage or disposal.
  3. River and Lagoon Silt: When rivers or lagoons accumulate silt and sediment over time, Everflowing pumps can be used to dredge and transport the material. The pumps are capable of handling high concentrations of solids and effectively transferring them to designated areas.
  4. Steel Slag: Everflowing pumps find application in steel mills for handling steel slag, which is a byproduct of the steelmaking process. The pumps are capable of transporting the slag for further processing or disposal.
  5. Rolling Mill Scale: In rolling mills, scales are formed on the surface of steel during the hot rolling process. Everflowing pumps can be utilized to handle and transport these scales, ensuring efficient material handling within the mill.
  6. Sewage and Waste: Everflowing pumps are also employed in sewage treatment plants and waste management facilities. They are used to handle sludge, solids, and other waste materials, facilitating their transport and disposal.

In all these applications, Everflowing pumps demonstrate their ability to handle heavy, solid-laden materials efficiently. Their reliability, robustness, and durability make them a preferred choice for industries dealing with challenging environments and demanding material handling requirements.


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