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excavator mounted dredge pump

excavator mounted dredge pump

The dredge pump is typically mounted on the end of the excavator arm and is used to pump sediment and debris from underwater locations, such as rivers, lakes, and harbors.

The pump is designed to suck up sediment and debris from the underwater environment and then transport it to a designated location, such as a barge or storage area.

Excavator-mounted dredge pumps are commonly used in a variety of dredging applications, including excavation, mining, and marine construction. They are especially useful in situations where traditional dredging equipment, such as suction dredges or cutter suction dredges, cannot be used due to site-specific constraints or environmental concerns.

Overall, excavator-mounted dredge pumps are a versatile and effective solution for many different types of dredging projects, and they offer a cost-effective and efficient alternative to other types of dredging equipment

The excavator dredge pump is a dredge pump that uses hydraulic drive as the power system; it adopts hydraulic drive mode with adjustable speed; it is more stable and safer; it can realize infinitely variable speed of the pump body. Both sides of dredge pump are equipped with a cutter head, which rotates with the hydraulic motor at the same time; the hard solid matter is crushed and smashed through the forced stirring of a large torque, and high-concentration delivery is achieved without other auxiliary devices.


The unique design concept of the dredge pump makes the pump have the characteristics of high forced stirring efficiency, stable concentration of the extraction medium, and high extraction concentration. It can realize long-distance transportation of high-solid substances such as mud, sand, sludge, slag, and iron slag. The mechanical structure of the pump is made of high-strength wear-resistant alloy material, which has good wear resistance, and has a large flow channel, which can pass larger particles.

 Main features:

1. Hydraulic drive mode with adjustable speed.

2. The pump body is equipped with an agitator for processing precipitated solids

3. High wear-resistant high-chromium alloy wear-resistant parts

4. Low speed reduces wear

5. The mass concentration reaches 70%

6. It can be installed on the arm of a hydraulic excavator

Work conditions

It can be matched with the hydraulic system of 400; 360; 300; 240; 220; 200; 150; 120; 90; 70 and other series of excavators. It is especially suitable for working conditions where there is a lot of water and the grab bucket of the excavator cannot effectively grab it; the pump body is connected to the pump body through the hydraulic pipeline of the grab bucket of the excavator, and the hydraulic system of the excavator drives the pump body to work; the operator can complete the work in the cab Various controls of the pump body. The structure of the pump body is compact, easy to install and easy to operate. 

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