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excavator dredge pump attachment

Excavator dredge pump attachment is mainly used as an accessory device of the excavator, and it is used instead of the bucket in special working conditions that contain granular fluids such as mud, sediment, sludge, and mortar when it is not conducive to direct excavation and transportation.

product description:

1. Agitators or cutter heads can be added on both sides of the pump, so that the concentration of the pumped medium will be higher.
2. It can be used with excavators of different brands and models. There are many types and models.
3. The products are used in smelting, thermal power, petroleum, chemical industry, mining, environmental protection dredging, sewage treatment, papermaking, industry and other fields.
We can also customize pumps of various types and materials according to the special working conditions of customers. Provide users with high-quality pump products to solve various problems such as sand pumping, dredging, and sewage discharge.

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