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Electric dredge cutter head

The electric submersible dredge cutter head is developed to improve the suction concentration of the submersible dredge pump. that can be attached to submersible dredge pump, break up and loosen the material on the bottom of the waterway, allowing the dredge pump to suction it up more easily. It is commonly used in dredging operations to remove sand ,slurry,mud ,sediment, or other sediment from underwater environments.

The cutter head typically consists of rotating blades or teeth. The electric power source allows for efficient operation and can be more environmentally friendly than other fuel-based options.

The electric dredge cutter head is applicable for different fields

1. mine tailing discharge,

2.slurry ,slag discharge in steel pant,power plant,coal mine

3.clean up river, sea,lake,harbor and maintain waterways, channels, and other underwater environments.

4.sand mining ,land reclamation

5.sewage treatment and so on.

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