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Hydraulic sand pump

The hydraulic sand pump, also known as the hydraulic dredging pump, uses a hydraulic motor as power to drive the impeller to rotate to generate suction, suck sand,slurry,and other sediment from the bottom of the water, and then transport it to the discharge point through a pipeline.
The pump is usually connected to the dredger or excavator and powered by a separate hydraulic station or the hydraulic system of the excavator.

Hydraulic sand pumps are commonly used in:

Dredging: The removal of sediment from harbors, rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water to maintain navigable channels and prevent sediment buildup.
Land reclamation: The removal of sand from offshore or underwater areas to create new land or extend existing shorelines.
Beach Nourishment: Restoring and enhancing coastal areas with sand on eroded beaches.
Mining: Extraction of sand and gravel from underwater sediments for various construction and industrial uses.
The efficiency of a hydraulic sand pump depends on factors such as pump capacity, power source, and the distance that sand needs to be transported. It is an essential tool for a variety of marine and civil engineering projects that involve moving or managing large volumes of sand and sediment.

hydraulic sand pump
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