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How to increase the concentration of sand pumped by the sand pump?

At present, the main sand pumping methods on the market are divided into two ways: flush suction type and twist suction type.

The so-called flush-suction sand pumping, as the name suggests, is one flush and one suction. The flushing is to use the high-pressure water of the high-pressure water pump to recoil the sediment, and the suction refers to the sand suction of the sand suction pump. In the case that the sand pump is fixed, the first thing to do is to increase the sand concentration.

When the sand pump pumps sand, the flow rate and head of the high-pressure water pump are very important. If the flow rate is too small and the head is too low, the water produced will be weak, and the sand that can be washed up will be less and the concentration will be low. Therefore, a high-pressure water pump with suitable flow rate and high head is one of the necessary conditions to increase the concentration of sand.

With a suitable flow rate and a high-lift high-pressure water pump, the next problem is to design a sand-absorbing faucet. The function of the sand suction faucet is to integrate the sand suction hose and the high pressure water pipe together.

The outlet pipe of the high-pressure water pump will be divided into multiple flushing pipes at the faucet. Sometimes the user does not match the sand-absorbing faucet in the process of pumping sand, but just binds the sand-absorbing pipe and the high-pressure water pipe together, and the water nozzle of the high-pressure water pipe There is only one head. The single water outlet causes the high-pressure water to wash the sand at only one angle and one direction when washing the sand. The range is limited, and it cannot wash the sand at other angles and directions very well. In this way, the sand washed up is less and the natural concentration I can’t go up. Therefore, multiple high-pressure water pipe nozzles on the faucet need to be equipped, and multiple angles and directions must be taken into account. In this way, sand in a wider range can be washed up, and the concentration of sand pumped can be increased.

According to the environment and the thickness of the sand layer, a multi-angle faucet with multiple nozzles is another necessary condition for increasing the sand concentration.
The cutter suction type is a matching cutter, which is installed on both sides or the suction port of the submersible sand pump. The sediment is stirred up by the rotation of the cutter, and then the pump sucks the sand away.

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