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How to choose a matching diesel engine for diesel sand pump?

1.Selection of diesel engine power
When the sand pump is equipped with a diesel engine, it always faces a problem, that is, whether the matching diesel engine is a diesel engine with the right power, or a slightly larger power.

In fact, this problem is mainly related to the use of diesel engines. The ideal state of diesel engines is about 90%-95% of the maximum rated speed, no matter how high or low it is, it is not ideal.

If the diesel engine works at a high rated speed for a long time, the diesel engine is equivalent to running at full load. If the time is long, the life of the diesel engine will be reduced and the failure rate of the diesel engine will increase.

    If the speed of the diesel engine is too low, the fuel consumption of the diesel engine will be particularly high, which is not particularly ideal.

    From this point of view, when the sand pump is equipped with a diesel engine, it is best that the matching diesel engine can be slightly greater than 10% of the rated power of the sand suction pump. This can keep the diesel engine from working under full load and reduce fuel consumption.
    2 The difference between sand suction pump with low speed diesel engine and high speed diesel engine
    When choosing a diesel engine for the sand suction pump, it is often encountered that there are low-speed, medium-speed and high-speed diesel engines with the same power to choose from.

    Which kind of diesel engine is better to choose?

    To choose which diesel engine is more suitable, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of various diesel engines, and then choose. The low-speed diesel engine is more stable, has a longer life, is larger in size, and costs more; the medium-speed diesel engine is in the middle, and the high-speed diesel engine has a high failure rate, small size, and cheap price.

    If it is a small sand pump, considering the cost, then choose a high-speed engine first, the price is cheap, and you can even buy some second-hand diesel engines.

    If it is a large sand pump that requires high stability, then try to choose a low-speed engine. For diesel engines used for export, it is difficult to repair foreign diesel engines if they break down, so try to choose medium and low-speed engines produced by major manufacturers.

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