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Dry sand pump solution-transport sand by sand pump

A few days ago, a customer called for consultation, and there was a problem that had been bothering them. Ask our sales staff if there is any way to help him solve the problem. After an in-depth conversation with the customer, the customer introduced his needs in detail: the customer hopes that the sand dug up by his current dredger can be transported horizontally to a distance of 500 meters without transporting it by a sand ship. The customer said that he consulted many companies and said that there was no way to help him solve it. In fact, the solution to this problem is very simple. It can be solved by matching a sand pump that can transport 500 meters and then matching the corresponding pipeline.

The relative advantage of the traditional sand dredger is that it directly digs up the sand and stones from the river bottom through the bucket, and after sand screening, separation, and cleaning, the required sand is transported to the shore, and the useless stones and large particles are directly discharged. When the distance from the shore is very close and there are many stones, the sand dredger is very useful. As there are fewer and fewer sands that can be excavated on the shore, the distance to be transported is getting longer and longer, and the disadvantage that sand dredgers cannot be transported over long distances is highlighted. Many users use supporting sand transporters to transport sand when the dredgers cannot be transported over long distances. However, when the dredgers are only a few hundred meters away, the sand transport efficiency of the sand transporter is very low, and the one-time investment of the sand transporter is still very high. It is not cost-effective, and a practical and economical solution is urgently needed.

In fact, it is relatively simple to deal with the situation of the sand dredger, as long as a horizontal sand pump can meet the customer’s requirements. The specific implementation can be divided into two parts:

First, choose a suitable horizontal sand pump, calculate the flow rate of the pump according to the sand dredging capacity of the dredger in one hour, and then calculate the head of the sand pump according to the particle size of the sand, and it is very convenient to select according to the flow rate and head Horizontal sand pump.

The second is also the difficulty of the whole system. The sand dug out by the dredger is transported out through the belt conveyor. It needs to be considered if the sand on this belt conveyor is sent to the sand pump, and then sent out. There are two ways for this place. One way is to mix the sand and water in one place and use a horizontal sand pump to pump it. The other is to mix the sand and water directly to the horizontal sand pump. send inside. One is to draw, the other is to give away. There are two ways. Relatively speaking, the second way is better, and we will focus on the second way.

If the original sand dredger has enough area to place the horizontal sand pump unit, it is not necessary to consider making a separate floating body. If the area is not enough, then make a smaller floating body separately and place the horizontal sand pump on the small floating body. superior.

A silo needs to be installed in front of the inlet pipeline of the horizontal sand pump. The lower outlet of the silo should be higher than the inlet of the sand pump. The bottom outlet of the silo is connected to the inlet of the sand pump through a pipeline. The granary must have a certain Slope, so that the sand-water mixture in the silo can flow into the sand pump by itself. The size of the silo should not be too small, because it is inconvenient to use if it is too small. The sand coming out of the belt conveyor is directly fed into the silo, and the top of the silo is connected with a water replenishing pipe, so that the sand fed in can enter the silo under the force of the water and enter the bottom of the silo, thereby entering the pumping chamber. In the sand pump, it should be noted that the total amount of added water plus sand is greater than the flow rate of the sand pump, so that the water volume will not be insufficient, and the sand pump will enter the air to affect the use, and the excess water in the silo May flow overboard through overflow.

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