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Dredge cutter

A dredge cutter is usually called dredge cutter head, and it is used in conjunction with a dredger or a submersible dredge pump to remove sediments such as sand, slurry, and other sediments at the bottom of water bodies such as rivers, lakes, ports, and channels.

Dredge cutters are usually installed at the end of a long arm or ladder on a dredger or at the suction/sides of a submersible dredge pump. Its main function is to cut through compacted soil, sand, rocks and other materials on the sea floor or in river beds. The cutter head consists of multiple rotating cutting teeth or blades that effectively break up the sediment into smaller pieces. This loose material is then sucked or scooped up by the pump or bucket of the dredger for easy removal and disposal.

There are many types of cutter heads, and the choice depends on factors such as the type of dredged material, the depth of the dredging operation, and the overall dredging project requirements. The cutterhead is equipped with replaceable wear teeth to ensure long life and efficient performance.

The dredge cutter head can be powered by either a hydraulic motor or an electric motor, depending on the specific requirements and available power sources. Here are the two options:

  1. Hydraulic Motor Driven Dredge Cutter Head: In this configuration, the cutter head is connected to a hydraulic motor. A hydraulic power pack, which includes a hydraulic pump, reservoir, and control valves, provides the necessary hydraulic fluid under pressure. When the hydraulic motor receives the pressurized fluid, it converts it into rotational energy, which drives the cutter head. This setup is commonly used for its versatility and ability to handle heavy-duty cutting tasks.

  2. Electric Motor Driven Dredge Cutter Head: In this setup, an electric motor powers the cutter head. The electric motor can be connected directly to a power source like a generator or linked to an electrical grid on the dredger vessel or barge. The electric motor generates rotational energy that drives the cutter head’s cutting mechanism. This configuration may be favored when a reliable electric power supply is readily available.

Power Source:

The power source of the hydraulic motor can be a diesel engine hydraulic power station, which is operated by a diesel engine hydraulic pump, or a generator can be used to drive the hydraulic pump to work. In the case of an electric motor driving the cutter head, the power can come directly from a generator or be connected to industrial power.

The choice between a hydraulic or electric motor-driven dredge cutter head depends on various factors, including the dredging project’s specific requirements, availability of power sources, and operational efficiency considerations.

The dredge cutter head is  an important tool in the dredging industry, widely used in sand pumping, dredging, tailings transportation, land reclamation and other projects.

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